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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom Wedding Invitations

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

When it's time to choose your wedding invitations, they deserve as much thought as everything else having to do with your wedding. One area where you do not want to drop the ball is on your wedding invitations. Your invitations are the first hint about the vibe of your wedding and sometimes the only physical thing your guests have from your big day. Ready to buy store invitations can't compete with custom wedding invitations. You can tell this just by looking at the two. Most couples don't need convincing that custom is the way to go, but for the few who do, here are three excellent reasons to choose custom invitations.

Customized Invitations That Fit Perfectly with Your Theme and Colors

There are so many ways to customize your wedding invitations when you choose custom. When you select ready-made wedding invitations, your style and personality are not reflected.

  • Choose your color scheme.

  • Choose the font that you like.

  • Change the wording to reflect what you want to say.

  • Custom letter pressing.

  • Change the orientation of the card.

  • Add-Ons, such as envelopes, RSVP cards, envelope liner, wax seals, information, or direction cards for guests.

  • You get what you want.

All Weddings Should Have a Bit of Elegance

Custom invitations will always look more elegant and luxurious than ready-made. Ready-made invitations require you to fill in the blanks to add your information. It is okay for a birthday party, but a wedding is an occasion that deserves a bit more.

Set the Tone

Your invitations should set the tone for your wedding. Custom invitations do this. Since you're choosing what you want, you can make sure that they are setting the mood that you want. Ready-made invitations set a very casual tone that is entirely out of place for most weddings. Even backyard, barbecue weddings deserve a more formal tone than what you can get with any ready-made invitation. As a bride and groom, do you want to send out such casual wedding invitations? It's your special day, and your wedding invitations should signal that it's a remarkable day.

While custom invitations require a bit of forward-planning to place the order, it's not much, and it's well worth it. These days you don't have to order your invitations so far in advance, advances in technology are making things faster. The cost of wedding invitations has come down as well. Custom invitations are well worth the price. You'll have wedding invitations that you'll be proud to send.

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