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Wax Seal  - Gold Leaf

Wax Seal - Gold Leaf

DIY Wax Seal Creative Add On's 


    Do It Yourself Wax Seal - Creative Add On's .


    • Packaged in a beautiful Glass Jar measuring roughly 20x70mm 
    • Number of seals you get per jar will depend on the number of petals you add to each seal, we estimate about 50 seals per jar. 

    Perfect for wedding stationery,  a beautiful  addition to craft projects or gift wrapping.

    Wax beads, stamps  and accessories can be purchased separately.



    How to :

    • Use the required number of beads based on the size of the Wax stamp.
    • Using a wax spoon, melt over a candle or burner. Be careful not to overheat.
    • Once wax is melted, pour onto envelope or paper. You can even pour onto baking paper and then once stamped transfer to your project using a double-sided adhesive disk.
    • Press stamp into warm wax and leave until set.
    • If you are adding foil, petals or dried leaves make sure to add this before stamping.
    • Once finished, clean your spoon by carefully wiping with a paper towel – be very careful as the spoon gets very hot.


    • Don’t overheat the wax, heat beads until just melted for that perfect pour and give them a light stir while in the spoon.
    • Always do a test on baking paper before adding it to your project, especially if you are new to this.
    •  When doing large qty’s use an ice pack to reduce the heat of your wax stamp. This will make it faster between stamps and guarantee a clean press. Be sure to wipe any water or mositure off your stamp after placing it on the ice pack .
    • Be a little creative and mix colours.
    • Most of  all have fun with it.


    • Please keep your wax beads away from children and pets.
    • Never leave a candle burning unattended.
    • Wax Burner plate becomes very hot , do not touch.
    • Wax Spoons become very hot, do not touch the heated end while in use. 


    • All pricing is in AUD, GST (Australia taxes) are included in the price.
    • Freight charges will apply and are calculated at the checkout.

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We love custom designing!  

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