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WAX SEALS - Signature Collection

WAX SEALS - Signature Collection

'SIGNATURE COLLECTION '  is a collection of our carefully designed wax seals,  they come to you pre-made and finished with an adhesive backing, working like a sticker.


Simply peel off the adhesive back and press onto your invitation or accessory, giving you an authentic wax seal.


Available in a range of beautiful colours. 






    COLOURS, select from the colour pallette provided. 

    SHAPE and SIZE, the above costing is based on roughly  

    • Round  3cm
    • Oval      3x 2.1cm
    • Square 2x2 cm

    PRODUCTION TIME, 2-3 weeks once order has been placed, fast production is available if required , contact us to find out more.

    For Custom Designs, shapes and colours please refer to our


    FREIGHT /COSTING - All pricing is in AUD, GST (Australia taxes) are included in the price. Freight charges will apply and are calculated at the checkout.


If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.



We love custom designing!  

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