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Letterpress Invitations

Could Letterpress Invitations Be Right for Your Event?

One of the most spectacular types of invitation options today is the use of letterpress. Many people find that this type of invitation truly stands out, both in the way it is made as well as in the finished product. Letterpress invitations are a style that we offer here at Natalie By Design. If you are thinking about incorporating them into your special day, work closely with our team to make it possible. You may love the look and feel that these invitations can provide to you.


How Do Letterpress Invitations Get Made?


What makes letterpress wedding invitations so unique is the way they are designed. This method is one that has been used for centuries. A printing process like this takes a lot of care and precision. In this style, we will first design the invitation with you in a digital format. Once this is done, we use the old-style methods of printing to create your invitation. The result of this is that you are getting a stunning, beautiful looking invitation that has slightly raised lettering.


Is This the Right Option for Your Invites?


There are many things to keep in mind about letterpress wedding invitations. First, you are not limited by a specific font or style. You can design these to incorporate a great deal of artistic charm. They can be very special or very simple, based on what you are hoping to achieve with your invitations. When you work with us at Natalie By Design, you gain the ability to create something that is very special to your needs.


We encourage you to learn more about letterpress invitations and how we make these quite special for you. Turn to our team at Natalie By Design to learn more about what you can expect with these very unique invitations.

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