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Custom Wedding Accessories

Custom Wedding Accessories

Are you planning a special event? If so, you need to have more than just the invites printed. In many situations, there are various custom wedding accessories that you need to take into consideration as well. Our team at Natalie By Design can help you to create unique and one of a kind elements that you simply love. When each of these individual pieces comes together, they can help you to create a stunning experience for each one of your guests in attendance. To get started, work closely with our team to learn more about your event.


What Type of Custom Wedding Accessories Is Right for Your Event?


Most of the time, invitations are the primary focus of our wedding couples. Creating simply beautiful invitations is your first goal. However, from there, you can create many other items that help to bring the same theme and elegance across all aspects of your event.


For example, we often design menu cards for events with the same style and look as the invitation – though you can also design something much different from this. You may wish to work closely with us as we create custom designed candles. For example, you may wish to offer custom designed candles on the tables or to give them as gifts to each person in attendance. We can help you with other bonbonniere items as well. There is no limit to the type and range of options here.


What else can we help you with at Natalie By Design? Why not create custom signage for your event, including directional signs that help your guests know where to go to get to your event? You may also want to consider place cards for each person. This is a good way to ensure each party feels comfortable and special during your event. Work with our team to find just the look right for you.

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